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30mins later i was screaming at him he didnt understand `zero` and to put a manager on the phone.. I was told that he wouldnt speak 2 me and i just lost it on the goof i bet rogers understands that 3quaters of the people calling cant understand them so thats why they hire oriantals… 2 frustrate us so they can hide behind there 20+ numbers and endless line of retards that dont have common sense. Its not rocket science people i read the number you type it in.. If you cant do that then may aswell hire mentally challanged people for 8 bucks an hour.. A mentally chalanged person could easily do that and it would lower the racial hate.. What pisses me off the most is that i swear they get enjoyment out of doing this 2 people.. Comdey night is eating popcorn listening to playbacks from angry customers.

After clearing out my bill when again i called them and they said we never had that deal. Even everything is there on livechat, the manager is not willing to help me out with that. Contacting Rogers Communications to report a payment via a method that takes longer than a day to show up on the company’s end isn’t necessary. Rogers Communications only permits customers to cancel their cable television services over the phone. Rogers Wireless phone plans are more expensive than smaller brands like Fido and Chatr, but are in-line with direct competition from Bell and Telus. Deals are often promoted that include bonus data when you bring your own phone, add more phone lines to your account, or buy a specific smartphone on a two-year plan. Rogers offers Family Sharing Plans that let you add multiple phone lines to share one data pack. Data management tools on or through the MyRogers app allow you to control how much data each family member can access. Data can also be shared with other mobile devices including tablets and smartwatches. Rogers offers a suite of telecommunications services. To view your bill for wireless or any other services, go to At the top-right of the screen there is a link to SIGN IN. From your mobile browser, click on the three lines at the top right to open the menu, and tap on Sign in.

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Rogers regularly offers promotional deals to discount popular smartphone models, throw in free accessories like wireless earbuds, or add bonus data to plans. WhistleOut watches for these deals and regularly updates our guides to the best Rogers cell phone plans, and what are the top deals on new phones at Rogers. Rogers offers one of the largest varieties of cell phones of any Canadian carrier, including popular models from Google, Samsung and Apple’s iPhone. Simple flip phones start around $100 and flagship smartphones can cost over $1,000. Rogers offers two-year plans letting you subsidize the cost of a new phone over 24 monthly payments. BC Ferries is warning customers debit and debit credit card payment services at many of its terminals and on board its ships are down due to the wide-spread Rogers network outages. I have just purchased a new vehicle and when I had the credit check done SURPISE, although I am actively using Rogers bundles, cable, internet & phone, I have an unpaid account with them?! I called no less than 4 times and was assured this was not only impossible as you cannot obtain an account if you owe them money, but that it would be taken care of immediately. I was too trusting and did not take a name or anything else I should have. LOL i called today and got a durka on the other end.. He didnt understand english and could only speak broken pieces…Called return tracking and tried to read him my serial number..

Does Bell and Rogers share towers?

They both share the same network of cell phone towers, while Rogers runs their own, independent network.

I am not sure if the Customer Service knows what is a data number or how need to be activated in order to etablish a connection with a gsm modem ,.I called 3 times today and nobody can help me. As for the reminder calls, the only way to stop them is to make sure payment gets in on or before the due date. If it doesn’t come in on time, you’ll get calls or text messages. I can’t express, but I feel so bad with them services. They charged me without any reason and tell you nothing. A Rogers sales person called to offer a small discount on my cable if I agree to be locked-in with them for a year. As a passing comment, I said, “of course your price will be fixed for the year, right?” Unbelievably, he said, “no, I cannot guarantee that.” So far, Teksavvy, as resold by Rogers, has been far better than any DSL-based ISP I’ve used. Bell’s just as bad, with even worse technology. People under 30 don’t even have cable TV or home phones anymore, and internet competition is building.

Can I get a Rogers Chocolates gift card?

Telecommunications companies typically don’t provide their customers with direct phone numbers for retention and loyalty departments. If you wish to expand on a discussed issue you can access Rogers’s community forums. There you can have conversations with other members and support staff. You can post your own suggestions or ask new questions that haven’t been covered already. Rogers uses two social media platforms to allow customers additional means to contact their support staff. You name is always mandatory and depending on the department you will be asked either your phone number, wireless number or another means of verifying who you are as a customer.


Even if they do decide to challenge but highly unlikely because it’s a waste of time going to court over a few dollars. I’m thinking of switching more services back to Bell, although they can be clueless. I only have praise to give to Rogers and intend to use their services for a long time. Lastly, Ignite offers connectivity across wireless and internet-capable devices. You can start viewing entertainment on one device and finish watching on a different one. You can use both English and French to have a conversation via private message on Facebook. Speak to any Canadian and they probably have a Rogers customer support horror story. Their customer satisfaction ranking ranks only slightly ahead of Bell, and consistently below the industry average. The best way to see all that Crandall University has to offer is to come for a campus tour.

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However because they can no longer just give you whatever amount. However, as soon as we get our first bill I will update with the exact numbers for the home phone and internet. It was not a back-alley deal but we did buy it from Kijiji although the person owned a popular local restaurant. Our home phone promotion was for unlimited everything and cost us $14.68 a month. Rogers Home phone deals are a priority for us only because I don’t own a smartphone, just my wife does. It wasn’t until I noticed the price of our monthly bill when our notification came in that I jumped into action. This was one of those monthly bills that we ended up transferring into my name just so I could obtain a credit history in Canada. Schedule an appointment with our team of Business Specialists. They can save you money and help your business stay ahead of the curve. I just found out that in order to open a case, the concerning person needs to call customer care to start that process.

  • @RogersHelps is the official Twitter support page for Rogers.
  • It was my fault I missed the deadline by 1 day but since we are good customers and never late paying the bill I thought it was worth a negotiation.
  • I’m absolutely baffled by rogers policy changes.
  • E−tickets may also be unavailable, it warned.
  • Read our guide to moving your phone number in Canada for more information.

Now, if you are a Bell client and you are dialing 905-xxx-xxxx a business battery company in toronto answers the phone, if you are a rogers client by dialing 905-xxx-xxxx my phone home rings. Depending on where you live, Wind Mobile, Public Mobile and Mobilicity might even be excellent options. A service technician called Jason came today to install an additional tv service box and replace an older one. He was exceptional and we had never experienced this level of service before. He installed the new box in the location requested even though a previous technician did not wish to do it that way, and he replaced the old box. He made sure every thing was working before he left, and cleaned up after himself and was very courteous and polite. This guy should be working for Rogers instead of the third party provider as he is a terrific representative of the company. Rogers offers an Internet Protocol TV service instead of traditional cable, which means that you receive streaming television via the internet. Ignite is the name used to describe the service. If you request this TV and internet package, you receive Ignite hardware, including a modem, set top box and voice remote control.