Jennifer Pan’s Revenge


I would have to say, I was beyond lucky I was instilled with good habits at an early age, but I guess I would have to be more happy with the fact that my parents were understanding. They knew that immense strictness bred dishonesty, and if I wasn’t doing well I told them, they understood. I succeeded well at English and won writing contests (got money, too!) and public speaking, and they didn’t get too mad when I wasn’t doing too well in math. To understand the impact of parenting does not mean to excuse Jennifer’s behavior- it is a way to possibly understand it. You feel that she killed them simply out of greed, but how does someone get to that point? Personality disorders and dysfunctional relationships are influenced by parenting as well. By killing her parents she would be freed of them to become a separate person- something that seemed impossible while they were alive.

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According to police, it’s believed that she was traveling in a white 2018 Volkswagen Golf. The vehicle was located unoccupied and blocking traffic at the south end of the Alex Fraser Bridge in Delta. But my trusty partner said to me after we’d seen it in theatres that QT might’ve been exorcizing a personal demon in making this film. Perhaps it was things like Taylor’s Quentin the Invincible that made him feel like the future was possible. Like everything that QT did go on to create, everything on that Comanche Uprising poster, was possible. As for this actual moment, Booth has turned the lights on and blinded his acid-addled mind.

  • The theme of the slot is unconventional and packed full of humour with animated sequences featuring hilarious voice acting permeating the entire game.
  • Like everything that QT did go on to create, everything on that Comanche Uprising poster, was possible.
  • Initially 20 restaurants indicated they wished to participate in the program of offering them extra patio space by closing the north lane of Marine Drive along the popular dining strip.
  • I hid my share of report cards from my parents when I was in High School, and suffered similar emotional abuse that was the hallmark of “Asian Parenting”.
  • This led to them finding out that I didn’t graduate when they tried to apply for a visa, as the system states that I am illegaly staying and their visa will not be approved if I do not come forward and confess.
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