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It is useful to evaluate your gaming behaviour in order to ensure that gaming remains a pastime. We have a number of available free tools that foster responsible gaming, including the test your gambling habits, and we do inform you about gaming-related risks. If you reach your limit, depositing money will not allow you to bet again. Persons registered for agree to refrain from playing games when outside the province of Québec. You can see the promotions that you’ve entered on the My Promotions page of your Espacejeux account. Argent Web tickets are prepaid tickets—you can use them to add funds to your account, and can purchase them wherever lottery tickets are sold. Then follow Steps 3 to 7 in the “Add your bank account information” section. To add a new card to your account, you need to make a deposit.

You can also place this type of bet when all the seats are taken. You can play most of our games (with the exception of Live Casino games, poker, lottery games and Mise-o-jeu+) in demo mode. To play a game in demo mode, just click on the “Demo Play” or “Demo” button , in the game window of your choice. The rules of the game, which give you information on how to play, the different symbols, ways to win, bonus games, the return to player , etc. Use the My favourites section to save your favourite selections so you can replay them quickly and easily. On the other hand, if you choose to take a break from gambling, any money left over will remain in your account, unless you decide to withdraw it. It’s the maximum amount of time that you’re willing to spend gambling on our website over a given period. You can set yourself a time limit per day, per week or per month. However, you’re under no obligation to play for that length of time.

Can I use a Free Bet to make a bet for less than the amount of my Free Bet?

As long as your balance doesn’t reach $49, you’ll be able to play. Your winnings will allow you to play even if you bet more than $50 in one day. If you reach a balance of $49, depositing another $50 will not allow you to continue playing. You’ll be able to deposit $50, but won’t be able to use it until the next day. If you play for more than one hour in a day, you’ll get a message informing you that you’ve reached your limit. You’ll be able to play for another hour the next day, starting with your first bet or purchase. If you don’t play for a full hour on a given day, the remaining time will not be carried over to the other days of the week. You can only do this by logging in to our gaming website. You must first save your personal banking information, then enter the amount you want to withdraw in the Withdrawals section. The amount will then be transferred to your bank account.

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