21+3 and PP Side bets


In the case of the Super Bowl, you’re not a winner or loser until you see zeros on the clock in the final game. In short, the bigger the risk to the casino, the bigger the house edge. Simply, because the player has to take his turn first. The risk is always with the player as he never knows when to stand or take a hit on another card. Even if the dealer busts when the player busts too, the house will still take your stake. Now compare that to a game like Playtech’s 21 Duel Blackjack. Here, two ‘communal’ cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table which are shared by both the dealer and the player. A win, as in Classic Blackjack, is paid 1/1 but as community cards are in play there’s no blackjack that can be won. The player or a team of players needs to keep track of the number of cards in each suit left in the shoe. The card counter/s then compute the difference between the most and least abundant suits. Out of the myriad of additional bets a player can place while at the table, 21+3 is arguably the most popular one. This optional bet can be spotted at blackjack tables around the world, but is particularly popular in Las Vegas and the UK.

Insurance is available when the dealer shows an ace and pays 2-1 on the insurance wager which is typically allowed to be up to half of the original bet. No matter how you play the game, make sure you have fun and bet with what you can afford. How much you win in 21+3 reflects the probability of your hand falling into place . The odds increase as the chance of making the hand decreases. The breakeven point, with no house edge, is at a jackpot of $10,957.37. This is what the player gets to keep of their own bet. No money will exchange hands if you and the dealer gets the same value and it is called a push. My first count for the 21+3 side count required 6 counts, or catching only 1/6th of the profitable opportunites. It requires 4 counts, or catches 1/4th of the profit. I would like to thank the wizard of odds for the following data that helped me in my research. I realize this seems unlikely; however this is the easiest way to count for this side bet. Most sportsbooks offer different ways to read to Super Bowl Odds.

Return to Player

In order to become a consistent winner, you need to fully prepare yourself and to get familiar with all aspects of the game. There really is no strategy involved where the side bet is concerned. That’s not to say a player shouldn’t try it from time to time. The best time to do that is when the player has amassed a few winnings from the session. If the player is ahead and can make the side bet with the “house’s money” then the bet can potentially pay off a large amount.

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But what does 21+3 involve and can an advantage player beat this side bet? With this latest blackjack article we are trying to answer these questions. Our piece is based on analysis of this side bet by former advantage player and advantage play analyst Eliot Jacobson. Before each hand, compute the exact edge for TP3 based on the cards remaining in the shoe. To sum this up, you played a side bet that has a negative 3.24% house edge that cannot be overcome in the long run , and you happened to get lucky. However, you can find ways to improve your odds so that you lose fewer hands and less money.

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This way, you will increase your chances of winning as you will make the right choices at the right time. In order to get the desired result and succeed in winning more often, you should know your odds and apply a strategy. Without a reliable plan, you are bound to lose more in the long term, even if you are familiar with the odds and with the house edge. Playing a basic blackjack strategy dictates that side bets like 21+3 or perfect pairs are not profitable in the long term. Of course, if you got lucky and hit a suited three of a kind, you might think differently. But generally speaking, the house has a high win expectancy when you play side bets. With card counting, you are not cheating because you are just using what everyone else at the table sees. You are just using your brain to keep track of cards so you can find the betting indicators and mathematical patterns.

Before the cards are dealt a player can make a side bet in order to qualify for the +3 pays. Once a player has made the bet and the cards are being dealt the bet cannot be removed. The payouts, which will vary slightly from one casino to another, do indeed look quite tempting. But while it’s fair to say playing 21+3 adds some real excitement, it’s not necessarily a good investment. The breakeven points, where the house edge is zero, is $27,016.90 for a $1 bet and $135,084.50 for a $5 bet, based on six decks. I saw this version at an Internet casino using live dealers from Evolution Gaming. Following is the return table, based on eight decks. 30 Spins will be credited instantly upon qualifying deposit + then 30 per day for 9 days on pre-selected games.

If it is done right, you can increase your odds of winning to the point where you would actually make a profit. It could turn the casino into your own personal ATM. To do this you would have to use card counting, which the casinos do not like because they would be losing money. The odds of winning a blackjack hand are not determined just by your tactic and play but also by the rules the house has set. Each casino had different variations of the moves you are allowed to make and the regulations it follows. There are standard rules that are accepted by all casinos. Before you sit down to play, make sure you know the specific casino rules and the universal rules. If you use the right strategy and moves, you can reduce the advantage the house has down to 0.5%. The margin can rise as high as 5% for the benefit of the house if you just play on instinct or impulse. As a conclusion, my current strategy is set aside 30 units for PP without even adding it to the main bankroll. If they lose – they lose, if they win – they win. But again – it’s totally different game and either I will lose 30 units set aside for PP or will get extra for BJ.

What is not advised is using the side bet in an effort to get even quickly when the session is a losing one. Now it’s a question of sitting back and watching the cards being dealt. It can be exciting because you get to see your two cards before the dealer’s upcard is dealt last. Often you have a good chance of making a 21+3 hand, only for the dealer’s upcard to let you down. If the dealer’s upcard is a 9 or a 6, you make a straight and win your side bet. If you’re looking to add some extra fun to your blackjack play, then 21+3 may be the answer. This is not so much a variant of blackjack, but a super side bet that is played. It mixes 3-card poker and blackjack together, with very tempting odds. Another variant, Player’s Choice Blackjack, also mixes 3-card poker and blackjack, but in a different manner. The odds of you winning will increase if you play on a table that is offering the best payout percentage. You will be able to make your bankroll last longer and give you the best opportunity to play a break-even game.

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